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How Can Augmented Reality Be Used for Education in the Classroom

November 02, 2020 03:51 AM

How Can Augmented Reality Be Used for Education in the Classroom?

Today's complex needs require us to process a great and increasing amount of content. This intricate development has pushed the academic community to navigate from predominantly text-based content to a visual content environment. However, our educational system continues to be heavily reliant on plain text to convey the message. Augmented Reality c...

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Augmented Reality in Education

October 15, 2020 08:35 AM

Augmented Reality: The Future of Education

How has the history of education evolved in recent times? With the invention of paper and the printing press, it became easy to communicate ideas, and the shelf-life of those ideas was extended from a few months to a few years. When the digital medium of transmission came of age, communication and, more importantly, education evolved and made the m...

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XR - Extended Reality

September 30, 2020 11:40 AM

An XR Primer - Demystifying Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality Technologies [AR, VR, & MR - (XR Technologies)]

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, XR Technologies have gained mainstream attention due to their advantage in enabling connectivity while maintaining social distancing. However, XR technologies are not entirely new and have been here for a while. This article provides a bird's-eye view on the entire spectrum that constitutes XR - Extended Re...

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Social Distance

August 24, 2020 07:42 AM

How Can Augmented Reality Help During the Covid-19 Crisis?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world was forced to embrace the new lifestyle of Social Distancing. Over the past few months, various forms of social distancing like complete and partial lockdowns, restricted attendance, etc. have come into play. To ensure connectivity during lockdown scenarios, the workforce and the learning community have been...

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Geo AR

August 18, 2020 03:33 AM

How Can Geo AR Change Our Lives?

What is Geo AR? Geo AR stands for geospatial augmented reality service. Everyone knows about Pokemon Go, where the players had to "hunt" for Pokemon monsters based on their locations. Simply stated, Pokemon Go used this revolutionary Geo AR feature to set up Pokemon monsters at various locations across the world. In simple terms, the phone uses the...

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AR in Learning and Development

May 07, 2020 06:53 AM

Is AR paving the way for the next quantum leap in Learning & Development?

The last decade has seen Extended Reality solutions permeate and gather better acceptance in the Learning and Development community. Traditional Learning & Development solutions provide a linear approach to learning. Augmented Reality (AR) is different with its exploratory learning approach. AR builds upon traditional learning and development model...

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Extended Reality

April 23, 2020 05:54 AM

How will Extended Reality help reclaim your life beyond Covid-19?

How is the Covid-19 situation limiting our nature to stay connected? In an isolated environment due to social distancing, the only way to connect is via Technology. Though the Internet has provided us with a million ways to connect via social media, messenger, and video conferencing, the ability to connect in the third dimension, space, is what ma...

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XR Technology

April 03, 2020 08:22 AM

XR's Impact on "Workforce Training"

The immersive technologies, i.e., augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which are combinedly known as XR is said to be providing immersive and experiential learning environments so that the future workforce can be prepared through it. XR is an umbrella term for both AR and VR where it is availed for the training initiatives in the workspa...

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Oculus VR Initiatives

March 27, 2020 08:10 AM

Oculus VR Initiatives

HoloPundits first started out as an innovation center where now it has become a professional set up with the inclusion of technological expertise that goes all over VR, AR, and mixed reality. Although our inceptive aim was on HoloLens, we have now spun over completely to provide vehement services to the customers globally. Our main aim is to become...

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Augmented Reality in Publishing

March 20, 2020 06:43 AM

How to make AR a reality for publishers?

If books were required to make reading an interactive experience, pop-up books were the go-to one. But with the rise of augmented reality, publishers are now equipped to bring stories to life in a completely new way. The augmented reality platform has become an emerging technology with the aim of bringing interactive learning experience to life. Th...

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Global Augmented Reality Ad Market Revenues

February 20, 2020 05:05 AM

Buzzword to Game Changer - the rise of AR in Advertising

The incredible speed at which digital advertising has evolved over the years in terms of technological innovation and consumer expectations has set the standards very high for advertising businesses. The rapid progression in digital marketing presents new opportunities for marketers to engage their customers and deliver more relevant and meaningful...

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AR Device and Services Revenue Forecast

February 06, 2020 07:07 AM

Opportunities and Challenges in Enterprise Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology with its ability to combine real-world images with vast amounts of online data is all set to revolutionize the way enterprises operate. A decade ago, augmented or virtual reality technology was predominantly meant for the entertainment industry. The current scenario is radically different from that. From automobile disp...

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Disruptive Immersive Technology for Enterprise

January 14, 2020 07:20 AM

Disruptive Immersive Technology for the Enterprise

Immersive technologies have slowly, but steadily made their way to the mainstream. Do not believe it? Let us consider the following scenarios. #1 You are shopping for apparel online, but are not sure if the colour of the garment suits you. Thanks to segmented reality, you can virtually try on the garment and then decide on the colour. #2 You ar...

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