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February 06, 2020 07:07 AM

Opportunities and Challenges in Enterprise Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology with its ability to combine real-world images with vast amounts of online data is all set to revolutionize the way enterprises operate. A decade ago, augmented or virtual reality technology was predominantly meant for the entertainment industry. The current scenario is radically different from that. From automobile displays to robotic precision surgeries - enterprise augmented reality finds numerous use cases across industries.
The opportunities that await AR technology clearly outweigh the challenges in its adoption. The healthcare sector, law enforcement, and military are among the forerunners in embracing AR solutions. The other industries that are making a headway in implementing AR solutions include education and training, automobile manufacturing, retail, and tourism.
Augmented reality in enterprise industry is a dynamically evolving market segment. With more businesses taking advantage of the capabilities of this technology, it is likely that enterprises include AR solutions at the core of business strategy. According to Statista Research, the AR device and service revenue is expected to rise exponentially from 2018 to 2020.
AR Device and Services Revenue Forecast
Opportunities of Augmented reality in Enterprise Industry
Enterprises are slowly but steadily opting for immersive technologies for better business outcomes. Immersive technologies boost the consumer experience and customer engagement endeavours. Some of the growth opportunities for AR technology are listed below:
Employee training: In-depth of training of staff working in heavy equipment industries is simplified and made more effective with AR. AR-based training creates a more consumable and comprehensive learning experience for employees.
Remote assist: Freshmen or inexperienced workers can be trained through AR-based remote assist technology which provides in-demand visual communication and share view with an industry expert.
Brand messaging: showcasing of the product and service using AR technology weaves a compelling story of the brand.
Challenged faced by AR technology
Lack of proven/tested business models is one of the major hurdles to widespread adoption of this technology. The second challenge faced by industries in adopting AR solutions is the lack of augmented reality app design and development standards. Another challenge is the potential exposure of sensitive information through wearables and cloud-based systems.
Future of Enterprise Augmented Reality
Augmented reality has its task cut out in transforming the enterprise industry by paving way for explosive innovations. The challenges faced by the enterprise augmented reality market in terms of high price and conservative approach of the customer are bound to change in the future. As the cost of the hardware for augmented reality reduces, the adoption of this technology into mainstream will accelerate. Augmented reality offers several growth opportunities for enterprises. If your enterprise is ready for the change and you are looking for a trusted and experienced augmented reality company, visit https://www.holopundits.com/ today.

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