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March 20, 2020 06:43 AM

How to make AR a reality for publishers?

If books were required to make reading an interactive experience, pop-up books were the go-to one. But with the rise of augmented reality, publishers are now equipped to bring stories to life in a completely new way. The augmented reality platform has become an emerging technology with the aim of bringing interactive learning experience to life. Through this, the users can vehemently explore new application in the publication which takes printed images on the book to a whole new level with the application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
Augmented Reality in Publishing
Through these applications, a unique experience is provided to the readers on mobile devices. The AR technology combines club animation with real-time where it brings fresh digital entertainment experience to the readers of magazines and books. Furthermore, the AR technology in publication displays the 3D models, video playing, 3D animations, websites, video playing, and web server connectivity for kids so that they can receive the education in a whole new way.
How Augmented Reality is applied in real-life scenarios?
Augmented Reality is said to be used with visual object tracking devices in order to help the users know more and experience more. With Augmented Reality in publications, the users can view the real world where the virtual objects are said to be superimposed. It helps the users to feel the objects that were not explored in reality. Eventually, the virtual objects combined with the real-world will take the user experience to an entirely new level.
The Augmented Reality platform supplements the reality which further entirely engages the readers through the mock environment. With AR application, the readers can see the virtual and real objects coexist with each other on the same screen device. AR in the publication is an enormous field that includes technological tasks in order to keep a track of the video objects with the position and movement precisely. Apart from this, it is also done to render a virtual image in a seamless way with the use of shadow and colour, which is in a real-time background environment. AR engages the users through the innovative application of creative books in publishing which creates a profuse digital entertainment.
AR is becoming a commendable reality for publishers. The prime feature of AR technology is that it includes auxiliary information in a similar field as an object is printed on the paper with zero human intervention. When seen from a business perspective, AR designs a new business marketing dimension in digital publishing and expands the selling profits in the publishing business.
For publishing, the enterprise solution is AR where it casts a new spell for fans of creative technology and also showcases that companies are putting their best foot forward by using technology to convey stories in a better way.

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