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January 14, 2020 07:20 AM

Disruptive Immersive Technology for the Enterprise

Immersive technologies have slowly, but steadily made their way to the mainstream. Do not believe it? Let us consider the following scenarios.
#1 You are shopping for apparel online, but are not sure if the colour of the garment suits you. Thanks to segmented reality, you can virtually try on the garment and then decide on the colour.
#2 You are planning to visit a new destination for your holiday. Wouldn't it be great if you could get a virtual tour of the places to visit, accommodation and other aspects of the destination? Immersive technologies provide captivating virtual tours of travel destinations so you can plan your holiday well.
#3 Most educators are bogged down with the pressure of creating immersive course content that captures the imagination of students. Virtual and augmented reality technologies can weave an immersive story of academic content for better understanding and retention of concepts.
Disruptive Immersive Technology for Enterprise
#4 Remote assistance for product service can be quite a task. Enterprise augmented reality to the rescue. Service personnel can attend to repair and maintenance calls from geographically separated locations.
These scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg. Immersive technology presents a seemingly limitless potential in enterprise applications. According to Gartner's technological predictions for 2019, 70% of the businesses will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use cases, and 25% will be deployed to production by the year 2020.
Benefits of Immersive Technologies for Enterprises
Immersive technologies is an umbrella that covers virtual, augmented, mixed, and extended reality. Enterprise immersive technology solutions enable better business outcomes. Some of the enterprises that can benefit from enterprise virtual reality are real estate, automotive, and training.
Enterprise augmented reality enables consumers to visually view products and brands in action. The real-life user experience that augmented reality applications creates expand the marketability of the products and services. Some of the enterprises that can benefit from AR solutions are retail, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, travel and tourism, and education.
Enterprise mixed reality solutions are particularly useful in business consulting, research and development, evaluation and testing. Mixed reality blends digital technology with the real world for mesmerising and engaging user experience.
Progressive enterprises are taking to immersive technology to establish a strong and engaging market presence. HoloPundits, a pioneering immersive technology development company, provides custom-made solutions that create an immersive, unified, and seamless world for consumers.
Immersive technologies enable virtual interaction of the users with the products and services, which in turn boosts customer engagement and satisfaction. To know more about enterprise augmented reality solutions from HoloPundits, visit us at https://www.holopundits.com/.

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