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August 18, 2020 03:33 AM

How Can Geo AR Change Our Lives?

Geo AR
What is Geo AR?
Geo AR stands for geospatial augmented reality service. Everyone knows about Pokemon Go, where the players had to "hunt" for Pokemon monsters based on their locations. Simply stated, Pokemon Go used this revolutionary Geo AR feature to set up Pokemon monsters at various locations across the world. In simple terms, the phone uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and determines the coordinates on the world and communicates this location to the phone's camera. The camera, in turn, shows AR content on the phone to highlight various parameters in a place like directions, places, markers, or even the next step to be taken by a person in that location.
Use Cases for Geo AR
Use Cases for Geo AR
1. Show appropriate directions to help travellers in new locations
Some of the obvious use cases for Geo AR are in the travel industry loosely. Imagine a traveller in a new location and trying to find a hotel. With an appropriate Geo AR marker, the traveller can find directions to the hotel from the bus stop or train station. Not necessarily a traveller, but anyone looking for directions can benefit from Geo AR based markers to help them navigate any new place. Be it a school or a hospital or a new company which is conducting a walk-in, having Geo AR markers can help the uninitiated quickly understand the next steps in a foreign location and navigate their next steps swiftly.
Geo AR Marker
2. Provide rich information
With specific markers, rich information can be provided to seekers which will inform and fulfil their need for specific information. Be it a lake or a bus station or a Covid-19 hotspot, having a Geo AR marker has its specific uses in each of the above scenarios. A Geo AR marker in a lake can provide stunning visuals from various locations and direct the viewer using Augmented Reality to change their positions. If placed in a bus or train station, the same Geo AR marker can provide updates on the next travel vehicle available. If a Covid-19 hotspot has a Geo AR marker, it can provide updates on the last reported case along with overall statistics and directives to people inhabiting and touching that area.
Augmented Reality Marker
3. Interactive games that maintain social distancing
Takeshi's Castle is a famous TV show where the participants had to wade through many a level filled with monsters and hard situations to tackle. Had Takeshi's castle incorporated Augmented Reality, the participants would have had to tackle imaginary but real monsters in addition to the physical monsters and challenges. Some of the levels had the participants wade through quagmires and other similar man-made challenging scenarios. With AR, one can avoid all the muck yet must wade through an intellectual quagmire to reap the reward of having to meet Takeshi. Better luck next time, Mr. Takeshi. Or should we say, BettAR luck next time!
4. Geo AR to aid in learning geography
Students can learn more about the world they live in using Geo AR. While constructing 3D models of real places can be a costly affair, a combination of classical teaching methodologies and Geo AR based content solutions can help students to be curious about the place they live in. With its exploratory approach, Augmented Reality can pique the curiosity of the learners and students and help them stay engaged in their learning thus furthering learning outcomes.
Geo AR to aid in learning geography
Geo AR can provide a new twist on Tom Welling's quote, "I like new places and seeing new sights." With Geo AR, one can see new sights not only in new places but also in existing old places. Connect with HoloPundits to create amazing new experiences using Geo AR for your business.

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