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April 23, 2020 05:54 AM

How will Extended Reality help reclaim your life beyond Covid-19?

Extended Reality
How is the Covid-19 situation limiting our nature to stay connected?
In an isolated environment due to social distancing, the only way to connect is via Technology. Though the Internet has provided us with a million ways to connect via social media, messenger, and video conferencing, the ability to connect in the third dimension, space, is what makes life meaningful. But the more we interact in real life, the more we stand to risk our lives in the process due to the Covid-19 situation that has taken the world hostage. We human beings are social beings by nature. It is only due to our ability and character to connect with others that we are able to shape ourselves.
Is technology helping us really?
Newer technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) feed us with a lot of information to the point of an overkill. This is why it is said that "Beyond the age of information, is the age of choices." And that begs the question, how do we make choices in our daily life? Most of us are influenced by our parents, friends, lifestyle, and of late, by Google.
Internet of Things
How is content consumption changing in recent times?
The world today has long transitioned from a text information world to a visual, video content driven world. And even beyond video, we have extended reality technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality) which combine a visual medium with meaningful information and the ability to interact within that virtual medium.
Virtual Reality or VR technology uses special head-mounted devices and immerses the user inside a virtual environment. Augmented Reality or AR technology enables users to interact with objects and content in the real world. AR technology superimposes some information on existing objects and the users are benefited either by way of information or entertainment as a result. A popular example is the Pokemon Go game where players used their smartphones to search and find virtual Pokemons. Mixed Reality or MR technology enables a user to remain within the real world that they perceive and experience the virtual content on top of their normal world experience. Each of these technologies has immense promise and comes with its own share of promises and limitations.
Content Consumption
How will Extended Reality help reclaim your life beyond Covid-19?
We, humans, have evolved a lot since the age of dinosaurs. With the invention of fire, we could process a lot of the environment and create a new meaning in life. With advancements in time and lifestyles, we have come to a tipping point where we face new challenges that cannot be dealt with old measures. We have to evolve and discover new means to overcome the social distancing and connect while remaining safe. To quote Marcel Proust, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
Extended Reality Solution
Be it education, enterprise, or entertainment, HoloPundits is here to understand your extended reality needs and help you find the optimal solution. Come, let's build a new world together beyond Covid-19.

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