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January 15, 2021 08:01 AM

What are the benefits of using an Augmented Reality Platform for Enterprise?

Enterprise Benefits of an Augmented Reality Platform
Data-driven decisions fuel today's complex world. Digital data permeates everything so much that we are adding digital information on top of real-world data to help us decide better. This is the essence of Augmented Reality. When we want to scale this process, we need to have an AR platform to automate content augmentation and distribution across devices and geographies. A detailed perspective about an AR platform can help users better appreciate this concept. Having known the fundamentals, now let us consider the advantages below.
What are the enterprise benefits of using an AR platform?
Top 4 benefits of using AR in your business:
Now let us analyze each of these benefits in depth, below.
1. AR can enhance your digital content within a user-friendly platform
Since an AR platform is custom developed, it facilitates swift workflows to augment real-world objects with custom, digital data using markers. Since all the coding happens at the back end, even a person with limited technical skills can supplement various digital information like images or videos atop real-world objects. Digital information is added to real-world objects using AR markers. Now, Augmented Reality has developed sufficiently that even markerless AR can be deployed. However, it is yet to attain mainstream popularity like its counterpart.
2. AR campaigns can be easily deployed with a few clicks
AR campaigns can be run for various reasons like trying to gauge user engagement, educate people using 3D data atop 2D images or stickers, measure people's performance in guided tasks, and the ever-popular need in marketing to create branding and awareness. No matter what motivates a business to deploy an AR campaign, an AR platform should seamlessly facilitate end-to-end campaign management. This involves multiple steps like assigning roles and privileges to users, tagging digital assets, markers and storing both in easy-to-access databases, and mapping the digital assets with the assigned markers. When the user scans the target image or marker, the platform should seamlessly and swiftly serve the augmented data to the relevant target, so that the user enjoys a smooth AR experience. All of this contributes to the success of deploying an AR campaign.
3. AR engagement analytics can be comprehensively monitored using a powerful dashboard
Nowadays, dashboard analytics are a must for any system to help the administrator and business owners to be on top of their game. This assumes even more paramount importance when user experience data is involved and will be the raw material for future decision needs. An AR campaign can be deployed for twin purposes: to inform the user or to entertain the user. In both cases, the user must go through a series of steps to fulfill the AR campaign process. A comprehensive dashboard will provide data on how many users engaged with the AR content. Further, it should also provide information on the result of that engagement. A real-time dashboard is best from an analytical point of view as it allows the administrator to tweak appropriate settings in the campaign. Finer points like changing content on the fly for specific geographies based on real-time user engagement can be a boon for content managers.
4. Unified AR portal to repurpose content for various needs
A dynamic platform facilitates repurposing content based on future needs. Some use cases for this could be a situation where modules of micro content are fed to the users based on the type of interaction. The user gets to consume different types of content based on his usage patterns. Integrating Artificial Intelligence in an AR platform can help the system make apt decisions to mix and match content and serve it accordingly.
While these are generic benefits of an AR platform, certain industry-specific benefits are listed in the following article. Depending on which industry you are in, an enterprise can choose to accrue those benefits by stacking up their AR service through a dynamic portal.
By now you would have got an idea of the enterprise benefits of an AR platform. The other end of the spectrum pertains to the end user's advantages. The following link provides more details about the user benefits of an Augmented Reality platform.
Concluding Thoughts
The above-discussed advantages of having an AR platform will entice any enterprise to have one of their own. Enterprise users can appreciate the economies of scale and leverage. Having a platform of one's own certainly outweighs the costs and uncertainties involved in relying on third-party tools. However, building a platform on one's own would entice huge costs. How can you compete against the best at a nominal price?
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