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October 23, 2019 07:03 AM

Give Your Creativity the Augmented Reality Boost

As augmented and virtual reality technologies mature, they are gaining traction among consumers and businesses. What were once gaming and entertainment technologies are now being used in ecommerce, medical science, and education and training applications. A recent report by eMarketer examines the market dynamics in 2019 for AR and VR technologies. As per this report, there will be as many as 68.7 million AR users in the US by 2019. These users will use AR at least once a month.
US VR and AR Users
Augmented Reality Applications
If you are a soccer fan, you would have experienced augmented reality first hand during the match analysis. Even during the live match, augmented reality can provide users with information regarding distance between player and the goal, or trace the path of the ball. This kind of visualization is being used by all forms of sports over the years.
Augmented reality is increasingly being used for showcasing products online. IKEA, a leading furniture retailer, is using augmented reality to let consumers "experience" its furniture. IKEA Place is one of the most important use cases of AR. Consumers can virtually place the chosen furniture in their homes to see how it fits and suits the place before buying it.
Apparel and cosmetic retailers are taking to augmented reality for marketing their products. Consumers can try on new clothes, hair styles, or cosmetic products using AR apps. In medical field, AR apps can be used for making the job of the surgeon easy. AR finds numerous applications in the field of education and training. Visualization of complex topics through augmented reality enables better understanding and retention of knowledge.
Superior User Experience with Augmented Reality
Augmented reality provides superior user experience by overlaying the digital world on the real world. The interactive user experience provided by this technology weaves a compulsive digital story of the brand. HoloPundits, a leading AR, VR, and XR solution provider, provides AR solutions for diverse industry needs. Our solutions are designed with customer requirements at the core.
  • Total AR - a complete AR platform from HoloPundits connects brands to customers. This platform empowers brands with an interactive customer engagement strategy. TotalAR is loaded with features specific to brands and end users. In the preceding articles we had focused on the benefits of TotalAR from an organizational perspective. Here we focus on how TotalAR provides superior user experience.
  • AR Gallery - This feature enables users to experience augmented reality even when there is no target image. The AR gallery feature enables the end user to get content even in the absence of a target image. Registered users - Once the user registers with TotalAR, he can experience a host of features. Registered users can log in to start experiencing the features like viewing scan history. Open users are limited to fewer features of TotalAR.
To learn more about our comprehensive AR platform, visit us at www.totalar.com.

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