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April 20, 2022 02:47 AM

14 Augmented Reality Development Ideas for Your Next Business

14 Augmented Reality Development Ideas for Your Next Business

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the hottest topics in technology today - the latest big thing that everyone is talking about. By all indications, it is here to stay, and forward-looking companies are exploring the many opportunities it presents.
Thankfully, anyone can create an AR app; yes, the design sequence is a bit complex but not impossible. You can easily join the immersive bandwagon with the right idea and development team.
So, while we can help you design custom AR apps for your business, you need to come up with suitable ideas. To help you start the idea creation process, below are 14 suggestions on the types of AR projects you can undertake as a start-up or an established business.
1. AR Sports App
If your day-to-day revolves around sports, you might want to design an AR Sports app for your business. AR sports apps let fans enjoy sports in a whole new way. Spectators and players can see real-time stats and information, watch a video feed, get directions to the next destination, etc. AR sporting apps are great for everything, from watching the game, playing a game, or learning. Players can even interact or get competitive with friends with the right apps.
2. AR e-Commerce App
The e-commerce space is overcrowded; stand out with an AR app! An AR e-commerce app can help you create AR experiences that bring your products to life, making it easier for customers to visualize how they might look in real life. You can also use AR to create simulations of items in your product line, allowing customers to easily visualize how these items might look on their shelves or in their closets.
3. AR Shopping App
Augmented Reality shopping app makes shopping easier and more efficient. For instance, finding the right gift for friends or family can be quite difficult, especially when shopping for multiple people. With an augmented reality app, you can help your customers scan a product's barcode and see a selection of related products. Consumers can then pick the ones they like best and send them to their friends to view and approve. That way, you save them the stress of exchanging unwanted gifts.
4. AR Landscaping App
Let's say you are into landscaping and gardening. Have you always dreamed of helping your customers turn their backyard into a secret garden paradise? Or have you always wanted to help your customers easily check out what's happening on their lawn beyond the house? If yes, it's time to stop dreaming and start investing. AR apps for landscaping and gardening can help your clients transform their lawn, garden, or patio into a virtual playground.
5. AR Building Apps
If you're in the building and construction industry, this one's for you. AR building apps provide interactive 3D models that help with the planning and execution of construction projects. Using an AR building app allows you to create a 3D model of your building and share it with your clients or team members. Plus, you can use it to streamline scheduling and estimating tasks.
6. AR Medicine Apps
Verbally educating patients about their health is one thing; showing them how their everyday reality affects their health is another. An AR Medicine app can show a patient how to take an antibiotic properly while immersing the patient with information on the implications of doing it wrong. You can also use the app to guide patients through complex surgical procedures and dental work, helping them stay as calm and informed as possible.
7. Tours
With millions of travellers looking to explore new places and cities, the need for AR-based tour guides is booming. People are always on the move, and they want easy ways to explore new cities and destinations. You can show people the best attractions and restaurants in a city with an app. You can also guide them through the city by showing the best places to visit and what is the best at each location. With the help of AR, you can even add virtual tours for museum exhibits, art galleries, and architecture.
8. AR Dental App
You can create AR experiences to offer virtual dental check-ups, dental treatments, and dental mouth inspections. Have your AR experiences based on the theme of a dentist's office. For example, you can use an AR dental app to create a check-up experience that includes a virtual toothbrush and toothpaste, a virtual mirror for brushing your teeth, and an office chair for rest.
9. Collaboration
AR has the potential to revolutionize business collaboration. You can use AR collaborative apps to bring people together from all over the world and help them collaborate as if they were in the same room. AR apps have the power to help you and your team communicate on projects, communicate with clients, and create an efficient collaborative process.
10. Education
Educators can use AR software to create digital content for students. Teachers can create digital textbooks and interactive infographics to help with complex concepts. You can also use AR presentations and AR walkthroughs to promote engaging lessons, like AR history projects, AR visual novels, AR tutorials, AR presentations, etc. AR educational apps simplify the assessment process, helping teachers test and grade students' knowledge.
11. Travel
Many people shy away from the idea of traveling because they find it hard to pack their bags, get tickets, or save money for a vacation. But what if we told you that you could experience the world in a new way? Thanks to AR, you can explore the world virtually by seeing places and things not physically present. This is perfect for those afraid of heights, traveling to remote areas, or traveling solo. Creating a travel and tourism AR app can help potential customers see monuments, museums, and cultural sites from a new perspective, explore the world's most popular travel destinations, find nearby attractions and cultural sites, and plan their next trip.
12. 3D printing
When it comes to 3D modelling, an app can be an incredibly helpful tool if you have a reliable internet connection and a smartphone. You can create a 3D printing AR app for beginners and create simple 3D models from their favorite digital resources. For additional excitement, you can allow users to enjoy many advanced features that are only available with premium AR apps - like the ability to export models to Sketchfab and other free and paid 3D model hosting sites.
13.Product Description for Customer Service
AR has the potential to improve customer service by creating a more personal shopping experience and remote assistance. One key aspect of AR in customer service is its ability to help your customers view the desired product in a suitable environment before purchasing, which could help determine if an item is worth buying.
You can use AR apps to create a more realistic experience for customers, letting them experience what it will be like to use a new product before buying it. Plus, with AR's remote assistance, you can use AR to let customers "see" what their agent sees, taking the mystery out of customer support interactions.
14. Business presentation
Business presentations are always nerve-wracking experiences. Like most business owners, you've probably experienced those uncomfortable moments just prior to speaking to your staff, clients, or prospective business partners.
You can create AR apps for business presentations in a few different ways. Create an app that allows users to overlay a digital layer on top of existing information to improve retention and understanding of complex content. Or you can create AR apps that support custom designs, allowing users to showcase company culture during presentations.
Augmented reality offers a lot of potential. However, many businesses don't know how to implement it. Virtually any business, from start-up to an established business, can benefit from augmented reality development; they just need the right ideas and a dependable AR development team.
At this point, we believe you have all the resources you need to generate the right AR development idea for your business. If you'd like to take your augmented reality dreams a step further and turn your ideas into reality, we recommend you contact us today.

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