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November 19, 2019 01:47 AM

XRGuru- The Ultimate XR Platform for Education and Training

Education opens up the mind and expands it in multiple directions. The mind of a child beginning its education at schools is like an open canvas waiting to be painted bright and colorful. What better way to create lasting impressions in a young and flexible mind than complementing education with technology?
XR Platform for Education and Training
A survey conducted by Harvard GSE shows that student's engagement at schools is dropping steadily year after year due to outdated conventional teaching methods. Today's kids are most attracted to technology. Why not use it for driving in crucial academic concepts into young minds? Immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual reality have the potential to transform the learning experience at schools. The education system needs new technologies in order to stay relevant in the technology driven world and effectively deliver academic topics.
What does the current education system lack?
HoloPundits, a leader in immersive technologies, has conducted a research on the challenges faced by educators and students with the current education system. A summary of the research follows.
  • Teaching subjects like science and technology using conventional 2D teaching methods fails to engage the students and drive home concepts effectively. Presenting the material in an engaging manner to stimulate the student's creativity and understanding is lacking in the current system.
  • From student's perspective understanding and retaining complex topics is a challenge with conventional learning methods. Extending academic topics to practical applications is not effectively explained through 2D learning.
  • Both students and educators prefer to have more of visual explanations and less of theory for better understanding and retention.
Extended Reality in Education
When immersive technologies liaise with education and training, it is a potential win-win situation. Virtual reality in education is expected to reach $200 million by 2020 according to Statista Research. Augmented and virtual reality technologies can simplify complex academic topics into intriguing and captivating visuals. Even in education of children with special needs, immersive technologies can be a great value addition.
XRGuru - one solution for all learning needs
XR Guru
HoloPundits has introduced XRGuru to cater to the diverse needs of the present education system. XRGuru is an integrated learning hub for high school students across the globe. It is built on AR, VR, and MR technologies. Students can subscribe to XRGuru through any web platform and access all STEM topics via smart devices or VR HMDs. Universities, schools, medical institutions and students can benefit from this learning platform.
XRGuru is a complete solution that addresses the major challenges in the current education system like presentation of academic topics, effective engagement of students, and delivery of complex topics. Students can learn and understand complex topics in a great detail using XRGuru. HoloPundits plans to enhance the capabilities of XRGuru by adding a content creation tool "XRGuru DesignStudio". This tool enables even those without much technical knowledge to create 3D content for learning.

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