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September 20, 2019 05:20 AM

HoloPundits' positioning and its limitless capabilities in XR

Humans are wired to overreach on anything that's present in front of us. Technology is no exception to this attitude as we are constantly pushing its limits.
The recent traction in the Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology space and its fruitful amalgams by never tiring experts have given birth to its new-found cousin, 'XR Technology'.
HoloPundits, an immersive technology company, offers XR technology solutions that transform the user experience in real-time. We have been at the forefront of this technology evolution and have geared itself to make mind-numbing contributions in the XR space.
XR Technology
What exactly is XR technology?
XR, aka Extended Reality can be best described as an influx of virtual and the physical worlds by efficient usage of hardware, software, and content associated with AR, VR, and MR.
With the combination of physical and virtual reality elements, XR aims to generate highly immersive and non-discriminative reality forms by bringing virtual objects into the physical world and physical environment objects into the virtual world.
HoloPundits has sorted out its priorities to embrace XR and contribute to the XR space for our clients and tomorrow's world.
HoloPundits' positioning in the XR landscape
Any XR-based company will contribute in either or all of the mediums mentioned below:
  • Hardware Development
  • Software/ Application Development
  • Creation of XR Content for XR Technology Contraption
The involvement of HoloPundits spans all three mediums:
On the hardware front, we are a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner and experienced in building course content for all major hardware devices like Oculus Go & Quest, HTC Vive, Magic Leap, HoloLens, Looking Glass, etc.
On the software front, we possess commendable expertise and resources to build XR platforms and customized applications for our clients.
But what we want to do is to hold on to our forte of creating XR content to generate the immersive and non-discriminative effects. Creating customized content for XR technology is supposedly complicated due to the novelty of the technology and unforeseen challenges.
Capabilities of HoloPundits
Our experience in working with multiple enterprise-level companies from various industry backgrounds has equipped us with valuable knowledge that has helped us in crafting our capabilities for the XR space.
Content creation strategy
HoloPundits follows unique content strategies which we derive from our client requirements. We follow designated requirement gathering protocols to gather them accurately with adequate detail.
Our SMEs can analyze the most intricate details of requirements to create content by infusing their creativity and XR visual foresight to generate requirement aligning visual effects.
The cooperative work ethic between our SMEs and our experienced 3D model team helps us in developing visually stunning and highly functional XR solutions for our clients.
Our knowledge of handling all major reality hardware devices and software platforms enables us to create XR content which will be highly compatible across all XR technology applications and devices.
Hence, contact us today to partner with us in the journey to step into the new world of possibilities in enhancing your business and making it compatible with the world of tomorrow.

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