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April 26, 2019 08:19 AM

Incorporating AR into Smartphones - Taking a Bite into the Augmented Reality Sandwich

Immersive technologies using smartphones are the next level in innovative human-machine interaction.
Speaking of innovation, merging virtuality, reality, and mobility into the same space has been a subject of intense exploration for years. Augmented Reality (spelled AR) is the technology that transpires the insertion of virtual objects, graphical layers, and information into the real space while augmenting the observers' sensory experience.
The advent of Pokemon Go in 2015 gave AR a true digital makeover by finding its niche in the gaming market.
With the smartphone makers now racing towards digital disruption, the practicality of AR's graphical overlays merged into the core functionalities of smartphones will revolutionize user experience in the digital space.
The Potential of AR
The market is inundated with all kinds of content formats on web pages and marketing platforms but there is no medium that can organize information and add an immersive element to it for leveraging customer engagement.
AR sets the stage for an ambient personal assistant on your Smartphone that will provide information updates and make suggestions based on your preferences.
AR can be implemented effortlessly by using markers such as QR codes or WhizCode that can trigger the display of relevant information. This can be collaborated with cutting-edge image processing and GPS technologies to render the next level in enterprise content through AR.
What is TotalAR?
TotalAR is a platform for organizations to recreate their content in AR and deliver lasting value that impresses from its enhancement. The AR technology solutions from VuWhiz underscore the marketing, communication, and engagement endeavors of tech-enabled businesses.
Why use TotalAR?
TotalAR can bring an interactive spin to print and provide supplemental information, enhancing customer experience by exalting a large assortment of AR content. All this, while having an unparalleled conversion ratio potential.
TotalAR gives the brand's message to its target customers in all content formats that is made interactive on any smartphone device using a Smart AR bot app.
Companies can even use their existing digital assets, like videos, brochures, coupons, leaflets, or 3D elements to be augmented when they start using TotalAR.
Two Important Use Cases
Ikea the home decor retail giant is using AR for smartphones through their app 'Ikea Place' to incorporate Apple's ARKit to drive sales through customer convenience and saved time. The 3D renderings from different angles of their wide range of furniture can be viewed and the selected ones can be reserved, redirecting the customer to the Ikea website to complete the purchase.
Ad Agencies
TotalAR helps Ad agencies focus on creating user-specific campaigns dynamically for a targeted group of customers by implementing AR to display promotions based on the customers' interest information that is collected from their feedback or surveys that are categorized on the basis of day, time, and location plus seasonal business agenda.
Meet the "Experts in Immersive Technology" - HoloPundits
HoloPundits delivers interactive visualization and immersive experiences through its deep domain expertise in AR. The company has spearheaded the development of an entire AR ecosystem for content based on distinct enterprise and customer use cases.
Holopundits has invested in the software, content, and hardware required for advanced AR implementation on smartphones.
AR applications developed by the company help users with digital engagement using head-mounted devices in multiple fields for training, learning, sales, and marketing functions.
You can virtually engage in our AR experience right away by visiting our website. If you are a publisher, retailer, or enterprise and want to know how AR can be a value-addition to your business, participate in our free trial today.

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