This Virtual Reality technology app provides immense educational value with immersive and sharp reproductions of the human body and all that it entails. The sensory and visual experiences created by this app enable a stronger knowledge retention and a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.

The human body is an intricate arrangement of bones, muscles, nerves, and skin. XRGuru Human Anatomy is an application of virtual reality in education. It delivers a captivating learning experience for medical students, nurses, and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. The development team behind this VR human body app are domain experts. The solution they have created is well-aligned with the different parts of the human body.

VR Human Body App

The content is organized in the app to align with the textbook curriculum. The VR human anatomy app contains well-defined topics under these broad headings:

  • upper-limb-icon Upper limb
  • lower-limb-icon Lower limb
  • thorax-icon Thorax
  • abdomen-icon Abdomen
  • head-neck-icon Head and neck



AR/VR Enabled Human Anatomy App
  • Students can explore each section of the app to get detailed and immersive information about various body parts, like bones, organs, skin, muscles, and nerves.
  • The virtual reality app can have a substantial impact on higher education in the healthcare sector.
  • XRGuru Human Anatomy is a useful learning tool that can deliver impressive outcomes for students pursuing anatomy, medicine, DO, nursing, occupational therapy, or physical therapy.

Students can begin to understand various complex concepts with ease by downloading the XRGuru Human Anatomy app from HoloPundits. They can strengthen their knowledge by looking up a topic from a book on the app to learn about it in greater detail. By using interactive 3D views, students can have a better understanding of the spatial relationship of each element and how it operates with other elements of the body.

Interested in acquiring AR-enabled technology solutions to augment anatomy studies?

Check out the XRGuru Human Anatomy app and enhance your visual experience while studying the human anatomy. XRGuru Human Anatomy works as a high-end application in Microsoft Mixed Reality HoloLens, Windows Virtual Reality, and Oculus Go.

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  • oculus go Oculus Go
  • windows mixed reality Windows Mixed Reality
  • microsoft hololens Microsoft HoloLens