Are you an engineering instructor? Do you dread teaching structures and steel mechanics using outdated and bland material? Holopundits has the perfect solution for you: Introducing XR Steel Sculpture.

As you may know, many engineering students find it difficult to understand the core concepts in various structural concepts such as steel mechanics, characteristics of steel, and behaviors of steel. To help students better grasp these and other similar concepts, Holopundits has made its goal to create an application to help students learn on a more visual-level. With a lot of research, brainstorming, and designing, XR Steel Sculpture was created.

Virtual Learning App

XR Steel Sculpture is an application that enables and enhances virtual learning to effectively help students understand the dynamics involved in the development and evaluation of a steel structure. By using virtual reality technology, XR Steel Sculpture significantly increases the quality of teaching and learning sessions.

Engineering students are required to have comprehensive knowledge about the workings and interplays for 48 different types of connections. 48 items to learn about is a lot, and understanding different factors of various connections without a visual of a physical structure is challenging. XR Steel Sculpture allows students see the practical use of the 48 connections during construction while ensuring that the learning objectives are met. Our tech expertise and pioneering efforts have helped us create and deliver amazing outcomes on immersive devices (HMD) such as the Oculus Go and HoloLens.

What do students achieve?


MR App for Training and Education

Traditionally, academic institutions displayed large, bulky installations for students to learn the practical aspects of the subject.

This leaves students without an accurate 360-degree reference point to understand difficult topics. In this regard, XR Steel Sculpture radically alters the training and education of steel construction.

How does XR Steel Sculpture work?


Oculus Go - Based VR App

With the XR Steel Sculpture application, students can get a 360-degree view of various structures. Students can display the desired steel structure and switch between the connections to “feel” and visualize the impacts. Once a connection is selected, a text box will appear that contains the necessary educational information that the student needs. With the Oculus Go-based VR app, students can explore all angles of the steel structure and receive a first-hand, detailed experience.

XR Steel Sculpture is a great solution for visual learners. Visual learning is proven to help the storing of memories and information, helps with overall comprehension, and helps keep learning material interesting, therefore increasing the motivation to learn.

If you are an engineering instructor who is looking for a high-quality visual learning solution, XR Steel Sculpture may be right for you! Contact us to learn how your academic institution could benefit from the XR Steel Sculpture VR app.

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