Virtual Reality Apps for Better Learning


Our proven ability to develop closely-aligned course content has made us the preferred partner for renowned academic and corporate organizations globally.

As a virtual reality educational partner, our core focus is to - Deliver an immersive experience that extends comprehension capabilities beyond traditional resources. We are well acquainted with blending the entire VR ecosystem cohesively – whether it is hardware, software, or developed content.

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Augmented Reality in Education

XRGuru Human Anatomy

XRGuru Human Anatomy seeks to help students understand the human anatomy better for both medical science and general education purposes.

This Virtual Reality technology app provides immense educational value with immersive and sharp reproductions of the human body and all that it entails. The sensory and visual experiences created by this app enable a stronger knowledge retention and a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.

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xrguru-human-anatomy-Virtual Reality Technology

XR Steel Sculpture

Are you an engineering instructor? Do you dread teaching structures and steel mechanics using outdated and bland material? Holopundits has the perfect solution for you: Introducing XR Steel Sculpture.

As you may know, many engineering students find it difficult to understand the core concepts in various structural concepts such as steel mechanics, characteristics of steel, and behaviors of steel. To help students better grasp these and other similar concepts, Holopundits has made its goal to create an application to help students learn on a more visual-level.

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xr-steel-sculpture-Mixed Reality Technology