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At HoloPundits, our mixed reality (or extended reality) app development consists of application development business consulting, research, development, testing, and evaluation. Our MR solutions blend digital technology with the physical world, creating a mesmerising and engaging experience.

The realm of mixed reality blurs the lines between physical and digital. At HoloPundits, our team of experts are evolving operations based on the rapidly-evolving technological field. Leaders of the technology industry, such as Microsoft and Google, are constantly setting technology trends, and we consistently make sure that our technological advances align with these trends. Here at HoloPundits, we create immersive, unified, and seamless world where real and the digital objects co-exist and interact with each other.

At HoloPundits, some of our expertise in XR include


  • mr-laboratory mr-laboratory Fully equipped mixed reality laboratory and test space
  • mr-application-development mr-application-development Mixed reality application development
  • mr-immersive-learning mr-immersive-learning Immersive learning MR app development
  • mr-simulation-oriented mr-simulation-oriented Simulation-oriented MR app development
  • mr-enterprise-grade mr-enterprise-grade Enterprise grade MR app development
  • mr-object-laser mr-object-laser Environment and object laser scanning/ modelling

We seek to provide a better immersive experience delivered by lower priced headsets. Our mixed reality technology solution aims to provide a real view of the physical environment overlaid by digital elements. It enables users to explore new forms of interactions through voice and gesture-based inputs. Unlike VR and AR, which use mainstream tools like HMD, mixed reality uses a set of sophisticated tools to enable the 360-degree experience.

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