HoloPundits has specializes in Augmented Reality to create custom solutions with one specific objective — to create outcomes that better your business. We are at the forefront when it comes to using advanced AR technology with the help of a cutting-edge blend of technology, hardware, and software.

We have been involved in AR since its early days and have achieved tremendous exposure over the last few years with hands-on experience in AR custom solutions. Very few augmented reality companies can match our expertise in augmented reality in education and AR app development. This makes us the preferred partner for a wide range of industry verticals looking to integrate AR for a range of uses like sales, marketing, training, operations, or customer support.

AR Technology

Our team of experts leverages the AR technology from all angles, right from developing exclusive applications for head-mounted devices to optimizing 3D content. Augmented Reality development is a vast field that encompasses hardware (head mounted displays), software, and the content to be used.

Our AR custom solutions give your brand the power to broadcast content in 3D. Take for instance, VirtuAssist, the AR solution that dissolves geographical boundaries with augmented reality technology. It enables trainers or support personnel from remote locations to help team members with product trainings or technical support.



Augmented Reality Applications

At HoloPundits, we focus on your business needs first. This allows us to develop augmented reality applications that address your distinct problems to give you a competitive edge. Our team first listens to your specific requirement, and then recommends an apt AR solution that can address the need with fully immersive and detailed AR experiences delivered to stakeholders and customers. Whether it be education, entertainment, or enterprise needs — our augmented reality development expertise helps elevate the customer’s experience of reality when enhanced by digital elements.

We are empowering enterprises to optimize their business operations cost-effectively using AR technology. Companies can consult with us to learn how to disrupt traditional methods and use augmented reality app development for improving field sales, training, and operations, and engaging their end customers. We have a proven track record in conceptualizing innovative concepts and devising an appropriate AR solution. We think laterally to provide solutions that are sustainable to the enterprises.

Augmented reality has significantly gained popularity with the rise of technology within the past decade. Don’t fall behind on technological trends; get ahead by integrating AR technology within your business.