AR-Enabled App for Remote Guidance


This Augmented Reality-enabled application offers high-performance remote guidance that can work on any mobile device or any operating system, including AR devices, tablets, and smartphones.

The augmented reality applications elevate the level of service a user receives without worrying about the impact of geographical boundaries.

By pointing the device toward the object, you can help the user and explain the exact mechanism that needs to be addressed in order to repair a machine.

Augmented Reality Applications

You can draw annotations to highlight a certain section of the view with VirtuAssist. These annotations remain fixed on the specific portion even when the screen and view are moving. The live view can continue while the technician draws the annotation and continues relaying the information to the user at the other end.

VirtuAssist Functionalities


AR Apps
  • In the event of technical difficulties or mechanical failure, service technicians can guide workers to help make the machine or equipment functional again.
  • Off-site training can be augmented with better efficiency without the need for the trainer and trainee to be in the same room.
  • The 3D live view of the workspace presented on the mobile device allows a coworker or technical expert to make annotations. This helps the technical expert to explain a series of steps or the proper way to operate the equipment.

VirtuAssist use cases


AR App Advantages

Field technicians can be guided accurately by remote experts in order to deliver the below advantages:

These advantages show the multiple use cases possible with VirtuAssist

  • Experts can be at a centralized location
  • Experts can be available to more technicians
  • Field technicians can start working with minimal training, or they can be trained on the go

Features of the app:

  • 2-way annotations
  • Our solution allows you to augment the tools or 3D models during the support to the field technician
  • Support for both iPhones and iPads. This can be expanded to Android as well.

Overall Benefits:


  • Decreases time required to resolve a problem
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Increases service revenues
  • Maximizes customer satisfaction
  • Cuts down travel costs
  • Increases your expertise

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Augmented Reality Overall Benefits

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