What is TotalAR?


TotalAR is an AR platform that can be used by forward-looking organizations to give an edge to their marketing, communication, and engagement endeavors.

  • The vision of this augmented reality platform is to be a custom content and mobile application.
  • Publishers, government agencies, retailers, and a wide variety of companies can leverage the large assortment of AR content and better engage with their target audience.
  • Companies can even use their own AR target images or logo and their existing digital assets, like videos, brochures, coupons, leaflets, or 3D elements, to be augmented when users start using TotalAR.
Augmented Reality Platform

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How does it work?

Call us to learn about the various packages. We will help you choose the best package that suits your business. From there, you just need to take four steps to convert all your digital assets into the world of augmented reality.


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    1. Create an account

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    2. Upload your content

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    3. Enable customers to scan with TotalAR

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    4. Start reaching out to your customers

You can try select TotalAR packages for free and then purchase packages that offer more engagement and experiences for your brands.

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AR Mobile App Development

TotalAR aims to redefine how the print media works for organizations. Conventional communication strategies can be transformed into digital content by instantly making it accessible to target customers. The app’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology comes with the capability to stream rich media content to a physical environment.

TotalAR will ultimately help people to consume media in a much more dynamic fashion by letting them use their smartphone devices. One can now do more than just reading a newspaper or a magazine; they can go ahead and interact with a printed creative. This new media consumption pattern will now let organizations push more content that can be measurable, transparent, and sales focused.

E-commerce and Retailers are now harnessing the power of digital media sales through AR. TotalAR can turn your digital showroom into a live interactive channel by letting customers choose products, augment it, see how it looks in reality, and then take the buying decision.

Forward-looking publishers have naturally picked up AR as their preferred media tool to provide an enchanting experience to readers and students. The entire experience of visualization will be enhanced with TotalAR. Publishers get the ability to convert their books as an instantaneous digital record using the TotalAR platform.

Publishers will find TotalAR beneficial as they can manage, control, and maintain a large amount of content that they develop regularly.

With TotalAR, you can unlock the potential of all these exciting opportunities, improve knowledge retention, and gain a better understanding of the concepts with in-depth visual simulation.

Organizations can now subscribe to TotalAR in order to convert their content to an advanced AR content and make it available for customers to consume it instantly. The results are effectively more than what digital media marketing can achieve, so go ahead and sign-up and make your content work better, only with TotalAR.

Value Propositions


We aim to create a lasting impression on the minds of people with simple yet impactful augmented reality experiences across a wide range of use cases. Businesses and individuals can interact with digital elements superimposed on any printed materials or physical surface.

Measuring the performance of your print or digital assets can be difficult. TotalAR can provide you with in-depth analytics to understand how your content is being received and how it is performing. This ultimately provides insight for brands to make effective marketing decisions.

AR Apps

With TotalAR, your target users need nothing more than a smartphone to get the immersive experiences associated with augmented reality. With a basic smartphone, the user will be able to better know your brand with 3D content that drives recall value. Whether you are searching for AR games or AR apps, we are one of the few augmented reality companies that can deliver a wide range of customized solutions to meet the needs of your business.

We are also bringing exciting developments in the field of wearable AR hardware. An instance of this technology is smart glasses tethered to our smartphones, which eliminate the need to look down at our mobile screen to experience the exciting augmented reality at work around us.

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