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MeetinXR from HoloPundits seeks to take collaboration to the next level.

The use of technology for meetings that take place across different geographical locations is common. However, getting the same kind of visual and sensory experience for every participant in the meeting can be a challenge. MeetinXR strives to overcome this challenge and elevate the interaction and engagement that happens during a meeting of a group of people. At the core of MeetinXR’s innovative offerings is its application of mixed reality (MR) in the meeting app.

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Meetinxr Application


In a typical business setup, the users facing an issue with a product and the team member who can resolve the issue are usually geographically distant. Whether a customer support specialist is trying to explain how to operate a machine to a user or trying to gain access to a digital representation of physical objects at different locations, VirtuAssist can help.

This Augmented Reality-enabled application offers high-performance remote guidance that can work on any mobile device or any operating system, including AR devices, tablets, and smartphones.

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VirtuAssist - AR Enabled Application