Sales & Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology for sales and marketing departments. This technology allows sales teams to present a virtually enhanced product to their customers. Our solutions in this area have the ability to demonstrate themselves to their audience, collaborate with a group, and clearly communicate change requests for the product or service.

One of the most powerful aspects of the selling process is the affinity customers develop with a product the moment they feel comfortable with it. Our solutions eliminate the barriers to engagement and even allow for a deeper level of interaction and greater sharing of details and animations. For instance, allowing a building to be viewed in life-size is one AR experience that can help a marketing team because the audience is able to visualize every detail.

For instance, the types and combinations of a vehicle viewed, looking at a building in life size, variations in a booth setup are few sample POC’s which we have developed via an AR experience that can help the marketing team and having this insight and knowing exactly what appeals to the audience would be beneficial for any business.

Our Work

Vehicle Configurator

Instantly configure and visualize products based on your customers’ needs.

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Holo Infrastructure

A complete solution for approvals and changes to infrastructure projects.

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Space Design

Virtually design kitchens, offices, labs, and any other space your clients require.

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Our Solution Features

• Spatial Understanding

Digital content can be merged with the world, which allows for realistic holograms.

• Full Scale Models

Visualize full-scale models in 3D; there is no longer a need to physically have every product or model.

• Customize & Visualize

Customize based on your customers’ needs, and instantly visualize the changes.

• Easy Product Trials

Give your customers more in-depth forms of visualization or product trials.

• Sharing

Collaborate with your customer on customizations and show how they look.

• 360 View of Holograms

The decision becomes easy when the product is shown in a 360° view and experienced from all angles.

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