Field Service & Maintenance

Our field service and maintenance wearable technology solutions support users in accomplishing new or ongoing maintenance activities (corrective and preventive) of machinery and equipment by leveraging and augmenting key workflows, procedures, and conceptual information.

Mixed reality technology solutions can play a significant role in changing the way people collaborate to solve technical issues, provide support, and allow technical documents to be easily accessed. Mixed reality technology enables context-sensitive digital information to be displayed in real time, which reduces the time spent searching for information.

Our solutions allow remote experts to connect from different locations through real-time video and audio. Our goal is to address key challenges faced by field service engineers across industries, such as allocating the correct resources to the situation, dealing with the rising cost of operations, ensuring safety and liability standards, and increasing service delivery optimization.

Holo Maintenance

Technicians have the ability to visually collaborate while working on machines. Instructions from the subject matter expert are superimposed on the field technician’s device, which allows them to collaborate hands free.

Benefits of using our app

  • Easily transfer knowledge
  • Maximize Uptime
  • Decrease knowledge gaps
  • Assist users remotely

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Our Solution Features

Assembly & Disassembly Process

Users can view all products in a 360° view to observe their assembly and disassembly process. This virtual process can be overlaid on a physical product as well.

Access to Previous Service Records

Our solution allows users to access the equipment’s previous records by scanning a barcode.

Access to Step-by-Step Procedures

Employees can easily be trained with all of the procedures and instructions on physical equipment during the maintenance activities.

Training Simulations for Engineers

This solution allows field engineers to be trained on hazardous conditions using augmented reality simulations.

Remote Expert for Assistance

When engineers need assistance, they can stream their view from the field in real-time to experts who are located at a remote location.

Real-time Data

The field engineer can view real-time data of the equipment based on the commands given.

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