Education & Training

We developed wearable technology prototypes for training that support user education via on-the-job and classroom training by leveraging and augmenting key workflows, procedures, and conceptual information selected from existing technical publications.

We are building the future of education and training by allowing learners to experience a type of instruction that has never been seen before. Our goal is to bring lessons to life with our new teaching tool, which will allow learners to interact and engage with virtual content in the real world.

It is now possible with advanced augmented reality applications to provide more authentic learning and engage learners in ways that were never possible before. By viewing augmented models, the trainees can gain a better understanding of the concepts they are learning. With augmented reality, learners can access models from any device at any time.

Our Work

Digestive System

Mixed reality course materials increase student confidence

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Fluid Mechanics

Augmented reality course materials allow learners to delve deeper into study topics

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Training Simulations

Augmented reality allows for simulations of hazardous conditions

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Our Solution Features


Allows multiple users to see the same holograms on their own device at the same time.

Voice Chat

Allows multiple users to talk to each other while sharing their holograms from remote locations.

Holographic Content

Allows users to place and interact with digital content in the real world.

Image Recognition

It is easy to bring content into the real world; simply scan an image with a camera.

Spatial Sound

Users are able to hear sound coming from the direction of the hologram or from the direction a person speaks.

Voice Commands

Users can navigate, select, command, and control apps and holograms using voice commands.

Remote Users as Avatars

During collaboration, remote users can become avatars and use voice commands and gaze controls.


Users can add annotations, such as text, voice, and drawings, to holograms and share them with others.


The solutions can be deployed to all Windows platform devices and mobile devices.

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